2016 Audi Blue Colors and Pricing

2016 Audi Blue Colors Q5 Hybrid

2016 Audi Blue Colors – So, you are searching for 2016 Audi blue colors? This place is a good start. We have compiled some 2016 Audi cars with blue colors completed with the price. In love with blue doesn’t mean that the person is in the state of depressed or unhappy. Rather, blue is considered as a color to represent trust, wisdom, confidence, intelligent, and the like. Let’s begin counting the Audi blue cars.

2016 Audi Blue Colors Sedan

2016 Audi Blue Colors Sedan

Audi has a series of sedan with blue colors. The A6 mid-size sedan is available in aviator blue metallic and moonlight blue metallic. It has three trims, i.e. 2.0 Premium, 3.0T Premium and 3.0 TDI Premium Plus. The price is $46,200, $49,900 and $57,400 respectively.

Another option is Audi A4 with the initial price set at $35,900. The high-end Audi A7 is also available in blue. Its price starts at $68,300. The A5, A4 and A7 series have sport sedan variant painted in blue.

In case you want a wilder ride, you’d better take the Audi RS7. It’s a sport sedan with a more powerful engine and aggressive look. This car will charge you $108,900.

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If you prefer a coupe, you can opt for 2016 Audi A5. This car has moonlight blue metallic color with black interior. The base price is tagged $40,500. Audi TT also comes with blue, more exactly, scuba blue metallic. This TT offers smaller size but more futuristic look. You can get TT coupe with $42,900. Both A5 and TT have sport variant too.

2016 Audi Blue Colors TT

For the true sport car lover, a more suitable choice would be Audi R8. This sedan needs at least $150,000 to budget. The R8 does not only superbly powerful on track, but also fully masculine with blue exterior.

2016 Audi Blue Colors Crossover

2016 Audi Blue Colors Q7

Travelling with all family member will be more exciting with blue crossover. The blue color can bring tranquility and heaven-like situation. Audi provides Q5 and Q7 series to facilitate your need. Both crossovers are built to carry seven passengers. The MSRP for The Q5 starts at $40,900, while the Q7 will be tagged around $53,000.

If you need smaller crossover, Audi gives you Q3. It will seat five person and the initial price is $33,700. For a more eco-friendly ride, you can pick the Q5 hybrid. The starting price is $52,500

2016 Audi Blue Colors Convertible

2016 Audi Blue Colors Convertible

The blue convertible is available in some choices. The base type is the A3 Cabriolet which is tagged $36,600. The most luxurious is the S5 Cabriolet with $61,600 initial label.

We hope this compilation of 2016 Audi blue colors will be helpful. If you want to read Audi cars in more detail, you can go here.

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