2016 BMW 750 Specs, Exterior and Price

2016 Bmw 750 front of car ImageThe 2016 BMW 750 is one of the cars in the lineup of the BMW 7 series. As a part of the 2016 BMW 7 Series, this car is included to the sporty and luxury car. Basically, the 2016 BMW 750 has two models of the cars; they are the 750i and the 750i xDrive. This car has the new specs and the interior. The engine is now more powerful than before and the exterior is also more interesting than before. Besides that, this car is getting lighter than before. So, below is the detail information of this new car for you.

2016 BMW 750 Specs

As said in the paragraph before, this 2016 BMW 750 comes in two models; the 750i and the 750i xDrive. Each of this car has the different specs of the engine that are used. The 2016 BMW 750i has the rear wheel drive with 4.4 liter of twin powers turbocharged V8 Engine that can produce 445 horsepower. The 750i xDrive model is having the same specs but it has the all wheel drive type of the car. However, the fuel efficiency of the both engines had been increased by the factory.

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2016 BMW 750 Exterior

The exterior of this new 2016 BMW 750 is commonly the same with the 7 series lineup. It has the new platform with the structural carbon fiber elements. This change is not sacrificing the luxury side of this car. It has the headlamps cluster forward through the shoulders and the familiar LED lamps and the twin kidneys grille. The tail lamps are more beautiful than before. Basically the exterior side of this car has the carbon core structure with the mixture of the carbon reinforced plastic, aluminum and the high steel. Because of this exterior type, the weight is can be decreased up to 15%. Because of this mass lightened the power and of course the speed of this car is better than the past version.

2016 Bmw 750 interior Photo

2016 BMW 750 Release Date and Price

The 2016 BMW 750 with it two models will be came in the market in the 2016. It will be sold in 50 states of the country. For the price, this new car will be offered with the price starting from $75,295 for the base invoice and $81,300 for the base MSRP. This is the reasonably price for this car looking for all the features and power that this car has.

New 2016 BMW 750 Images:

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