2016 BMW M5

2016 BMW M5 redFor the next year, 2016 BMW M5 will be launched with high specification of a new sport sedan. This new sport sedan is the innovation of BMW Life Cycle Impulse’s part. BMW has an obsessive willing in order to create the sporty sedan. The company has announced that this sport sedan will can increase the power until 32 horse power. For further information, take a look of the description below.

The description of 2016 BMW M5’s exterior and interior

The exterior of BMW M5 has a very sporty look on its bumpers. The exterior body are specified with this 193.3 inches wide long, 74.4 inches wide in size and 54.1 inches wide long. The griil is actually changed for the facelift speciality.  The BMW body kit for BMW M5 series has not really different with its original design. But, this BMW M5 just empahized on its sporty look. The front lamps are set by LED lamp with clear color. The logo of M5 is placed at the back above the bumper and the size of each tire is 19 inches.

2016 BMW M5 Redesign

The interior of 2016 BMW M5 is not changed much. For its seats are covered by Merino leather to make it is looked luxurious. For the dashboard, it gives a sporty look for the driver because the dashboard is designed in sporty style. The dashboard has combination of dark black and grey color.

The engine power of  2016 BMW M5

In producing power, this new sport sedan has the best performance. It can produce for 150 horse power which has been more increase for 32 horse power than before. The fuel consumption of this series will be around 3.9 liters per 100 kilometers.

The release date and price of 2016 BMW M5

There is no information for the release date and the exact price of this new 2016 BMW M5. The people who are insterested in this sporty sedan must be patient in waiting the official information from the company.

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2016 BMW M5 Model

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