2016 Dodge Journey the Best Car For Future

2016 Dodge Journey2016 dodge journey is high tech car loved by many people. Many people eagerly wait for this car to be launched. The model of this car is using classical concept, but at the same time it has elegant element too. The manufacturer of this car is so smart in making luxury appearance of car that can give real happiness for the user. Rather than choosing the previous version, it is good idea for you to select the new version of 2016 dodge journey.

Performance of 2016 Dodge Journey

2016 dodge journey will be able to facilitate you with amazing speed. As you can see that it has V6 Engine attached in it. The engine itself is using 2.4 Liter of Tiger Shark Engine version. In addition, the total of transmission speed that you can find is programmed with 4 pace. As a result, increasing the speed of this car is piece of cake! This car will present you with auto framework that you can configure based on your need.

Exterior Design of 2016 Dodge Journey

In the exterior part of 2016 dodge journey, you will see that it is applied with red color. “Red symbolizes true element of passionate”, said many people about this car. There is no issue regarding this car. It can give you satisfaction performance with happiness feeling upon using it. It is time to start your new journey with the presence of this car.

Interior Design of 2016 Dodge Journey

The interior part of 2016 dodge journey can provide you with large size of seat so that you can feel comfortable when you are riding it. This car will also feature you with lovely appearance in it. It has USB port that you can attached with flash disk to send and receive the data. The inner body and spec of this car is full of luxury thing. It can make you feel comfortable when you are sitting in the seat of this car.

2016 Dodge Journey Release Date and Price

The launching time of 2016 dodge journey is not clear just yet. However, you will be able to get this car in the early of 2016. Some people say that it will be launched in mid 2016. Due to that reason, you may need to be patient for a while. Indeed, you can also find that this car is available with elegant price. It means that the cost you have to spend is not less. Yet, when you know about its quality, you will not regret for spending that much money of yours.

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