2016 Ford Expedition Concepts

You can expect Ford to release the 2016 Ford Expedition with big surprises. This new SUV will be the sixth generation of Expedition. Ford is American car manufacturer who well known to produce great SUV cars. Some of its SUV even lead the markets on SUV class. So when Ford announced to release the new Expedition, a lot of people expects the car to come some changes but still maintain the Expeditions greatness. This New Ford Expedition 2016 will have 5 doors and 3 rows seats that will accommodate 8 people. Ford will be releasing this car in 8 trims levels: King Ranch, XLT EL, XLS, Platinum, Limited, King Ranch EL, Limited El and Platinum EL. Now let’s see the 2016 Ford Expedition concept and changes in this article.

2016 Ford Expedition Changes and Redesign

2016 Ford Expedition Colors

The changes in this 2016 Ford Expedition can be looking at the exterior as well the interior, but the major changes will be at the exterior. Ford will be giving this car stylish and modern look that are better than the predecessor. Now let’s see the changes in the outside and inside of this car.

Interior Design

Although the changes will be in the exterior the most, but it doesn’t mean the 2016 Ford Expedition interior doesn’t have changes at all. The interior has some changes that make this car more comfortable to drive. The interior of this car will consist of new audio system, hands free option, USB, Bluetooth, 4.2 inch center display, 8 inch touch screen, rear view camera etc.

Exterior Design

I have said earlier that the outside of this car will be the one that get major changes. Starting from the materials, this car will use new materials that will reduce the weight for 200 pounds. The new materials not only make this car lighter but also better performance and lower fuel consumption. As for the body, this car will have new bumper, grille, head lights and rear lights.

The lights will be bigger complete with LED lights that will only consume low power. The other changes are the roof will be chromed, rear door will be bigger, three stripe grille, huge and heavy bumper, and have three rows seats for 8 passengers.

2016 Ford Expedition Engine Specs

This 2016 Ford Expedition will be equipped with the new 3.5 liter V6 turbo charged engine that will give this car 365 horsepower and 420 pound feet of torque. This engine will replace the current 5.4 liter V8 engine. All models of this car will have 6 speed automatic transmission gear box and rear wheel drive. There still no further information if this car will get hybrid engine or other options of engine.

2016 Ford Expedition Release Date and Price

This SUV release date is not to be known yet but some people predicted that this car will be released in 2016. The 2016 Ford Expedition price will range from $41.000 – $ 61.000 depend the trim level where the Platinum will get the highest price.

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Image of New 2016 Ford Expedition

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