2016 Ford Raptor

2016 ford raptor imagesThe 2016 Ford Raptor will be released to the market with new design and some improvements. This new generation of raptor will be the strong and powerful truck that Ford ever released. You can call this truck as a macho car since this truck can drive in any heavy terrain and able to transport heavy loads in long distance. So let’s check the review of this monster truck in this article.

2016 Ford Raptor Redesign and Concepts

Ford will be releasing this 2016 Ford Raptor to meet the need of people who live in hard terrain and harsh weather condition. You can choose to get the two doors or four doors option but the number of the seat will stay the same. The truck will also have a new look on the dashboard and the wheel. Using a new material, the truck will be lighter and cut down 700 pounds of its weight that will give the car a better performance and more environmental friendly. The materials are aluminum compound and high quality steel.

The Exterior

I have written earlier that this car will be using aluminum materials that can increase the fuel productivity. The car will also have new and powerful headlights with LED bulbs, new front bumper, 17 inch wheels, and Goodrich All Terrain KO2 tires. To improve the performance, this truck will also have dual exhaust.

2016 Ford Raptor interior

The interior of this 2016 Ford Raptor will be added leather unique seats, leather steering wheel and large display. The other changes in the interior are LED lightning, camera that can be used in daylight and night, and new terrain management computerized. The interior will also has six presets modes which are the weather mode, everyday normal mode, Baja mode, rock mode, street mode, and sand and mud mode that can depend on the terrain and the condition on driving.

2016 Ford Raptor Engine Specs

The 2016 Ford Raptor engine will be the new 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 engine and will be giving this car 411 horsepower but some other source said that this truck will use 5.0 liter V8 engine that will produced 365 horsepower and 420 pound feet of torque. The engine will be paired with 10 speed automatic transmission gear box.

2016 Ford Raptor Release Date and Price

The 2016 Ford Raptor price will be range from $24.000 – $50.000 and will be released to the market at fall 2016. This truck will face some tight competition with the Dodge Run and Toyota Tundra.

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Image of new 2016 Ford Raptor

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