2016 GMC Terrain Features and Release Date  

2016 GMC Terrain

2016 GMC Terrain-If your hobby is travelling on the nature landscape, 2016 GMC Terrain will be one of your best choices. This car comes with an advanced suspension that has bought a lot height of vehicle. The height is almost 2 feet. The design is premium created for the safety and performance to drive across the nature. If look at this car for a while, we will remember that the basic style is mostly like Pajero Sport car. However, this car has already equipped with some advance future for handling your long distance travel needs. This article will probably give you a sight if you are planning to buy the strong family car as well.

2016 GMC Terrain Interior and Exterior

As it has mentioned above that the height of this car is almost 2 feet, 2016 GMC Terrain car will give you large room to relax your body inside and to carry some equipment at the professional look – wide garage at the back side. The Interior has 5 seats which is divided into three seats at the 2nd row and two seats at the 1st row. The capacity of maximum passenger can reach 7-8 people in which the backside garage can be used for 3rd row seat. The exterior comes great as well. The body with large headlamp and powerful appearance combined with Jeep design are the perfect combination to facilitate your adventure.

2016 GMC Terrain

2016 GMC Terrain Features and Specs

This car is a durable car. It has advance shock breaker system which makes 2016 GMC Terrain reduced the shocked feeling on the terrain more maximum. This car is good enough with V6 engine to bring out 301 horsepower with 272 lb-ft torque. The 4-wheel drive system is no doubt that this applied at this car. This system combined with 6 speed manual transmission. The combination seems good enough to climb the upward hills.

The interesting features comes at this car is the its 4G connection. This car manufacture, however, has already make a corporation with one of the US internet provider. By using this connection, the passenger is able o connected to the internet with 4G connection right inside the car. Some sensors are also placed to detect terrains and any obstacles that is important to watch out.

2016 GMC Terrain Released Date and Price

There are still unclear about the official release date of 2016 GMC Terrain. However, some automotive professionals have already predicted this $26,500 car will be released on fall 2015.

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2016 GMC Terrain 2016 GMC Terrain 2016 GMC Terrain

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