2016 Honda Accord

2016 Honda Accord conceptThe vehicle style of 2016 Honda Accord is a coupe style and it is the ninth generation at its class. Honda has redesigned this coupe into elegant and luxurious car. It has been known from its predecessor which has elegant design, the new Honda Accord will be very attractive for buyers.

New Outlook of 2016 Honda Accord

The new outlook of Honda Accord will be more concerned on its front look. The company has restyled the headlights of this car. The headlights have more stylish look which is different from its predecessor. The headlights have been narrower than before. It gives a more attractive look toward this car.

2016 honda accord sedan pictures

2016 Honda Accord Powertrain

It is reported that the new Honda Accord will be hybrid setup with turbocharged gasoline engine. The overall engine will not change much. There will be 4-cylinder 2.0 liter with turbocharged gasoline engine. It can produce 196 horsepower which is supported by two electric motors. For fuel consumption it cannot be releaved for now.

The exterior and interior of Honda Accord 2016

The exterior of 2016 Honda Accord will not change much. It is because the company cannot change the look of this family car into more individual style. Because of this car is design for family car, the change of its exterior does not really give surprised. The interesting thing from its exterior is the spacious cabin with roofline. In addition, the headlight of this car has been redesigned to make it more fascinating. Moreover, the color choices of this new family car will be really attractive. It will give more possessive feeling for car’s admirers.

The interior of this coupe is designed in more elegant look. The dashboard has an elegant color with 8 inch LCD touchscreen display. It is also completed by USB, Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control, rearview camera and dual zone climate control. For the seat, it has been covered by Eco material leather which makes it look more elegant.

Honda Accord 2016 Release date and price

This new 2016 Honda Accord will be officially launched in the end of 2015 with estimated price around 24.000 US$ until 38.000 US$.

Picture of 2016 Honda Accord

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