2016 Honda HRV Review, Price and Release Date

2016 Honda HRV Redesign2016 Honda HRV Reviews – All types of brand Honda built with high technology and can be accepted in all societies everywhere. With affordable prices and the middle market segment as well as fuel economy, Honda parties claim will be an increase honda car sales in the coming years. Similarly, the 2016 Honda HRV type (Hi-Ride Revolution Vehicle) which will be launched mid-2016 has many features that became a mainstay. a little cabin width with 4 pessengers, LCD touch screen, GPS, tire width with 17 inch been able to drive on off-road terrain and many more. Indeed we hope that this car will be popular next year, but from a-glance view, clearly 2016 Honda HRV already qualify. We will see next year, whether the car remains a champion honda or there will be changes again later, we’ll see.

2016 Honda Hrv Interior & Exterior

2016 Honda HRV with technological features that brought her to look elegant and seem to be king in all fields including the heavy terrain off-road. If we see into, with the look of leather upholstery that makes the driver becomes comfortable, the dashboard display is elegant and compact, wide LCD screen, steering wheel with audio buttons, Bluetooth and audio streaming, the camera can see the side along with a Automatic transmission.

Seen from the outside, it appears that Honda 2016 Honda HRV is slimmer than its predecessor. More precisely, in the car is very suitable for off-road terrain. The front display is very similar to the HRV Honda CRV type with a distinctive logo that stands out in the middle. And look really perfect legs with a circumference of 17 inch wheels add to grip the wheel with the terrain traversed.

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2016 Honda HRV Changes

HRV Model 2016 is identical to the small crossover vehicle with exceptional manuverability agile and very fuel efficient. Even though it looks smaller but when entered the cabin, will look different from the visible area. Changes appear on a reliable engine capabilities. Namely the 1.5 liter DOHC, will mengahsilkan 130 horsepower capability. And his amesin kedu uses direct injection with 16 valves as a supporter. There are two engines are offered with this type, namely with a 6-speed manual and CVT transmission system. All fields will be buffeted by Honda HRV by this.

2016 Honda HRV Release and Estimated Price

2016 Honda HRV this will be a very popular vehicle next year, we hope it becomes a reality. Estimates of the car will be released under the price of $ 20,000 and will be released early next year is January 2016.

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