2016 Honda s2000 Redesign, Release Date and Price

2016 Honda s2000 conceptNew 2016 Honda s2000 – The Honda s2000 was first released in 1999 and the company still produced this car until 2009 when Honda Company finally decided to discontinued this sport car. The decision left Honda without any great sport car and disappointed the sport car’s fans. Well, the good news is that the Honda Company will finally continued the produce of the Honda s2000 and will be released as the 2016 Honda s2000. There are some changes made t this new sport car from Honda and that’s what we will see in this article.

2016 Honda s2000 Redesign

When we are talking about the new redesign of this new 2016 Honda s2000, the first thing that we must know is that the new s2000 will use the new light weight materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber that will reduce the weight of this car that will improve the performance and the fuel economic from the new s2000. At the front side, the headlights will be equipped with the LED DRL (Daytime Running Light). The body will be designed as a fully regular coupe with 2+2 seats. The grille and the lower air intake will be having a chrome accents. The lights at the front and the back side will have a round shape and the exhaust pipes at the back side of the car will have a circular shape too.

Inside the car, we can see some modern equipment and will be using a high quality material. Some of the features are the Bluetooth connection, USB port, and also the 4G or LTE connection.

2016 Honda s2000 Spec

The rumor said that the new Honda s2000 will come as a hybrid model that will combine the 2.0 l turbo 4 cylinder engines with the electric motor that will produce the total power of 370 HP. This engine will be paired with the 7 speed dual clutch automatic transmission gear box and will be running with the rear wheel drive system.

2016 Honda s2000 Release Date and Price

The new Honda s2000 2016 is probably available to the market at the early of 2016 but there is also a possibility that we will see this car as the 2017 car model from Honda if this car don’t make it to the market in the first half year of 2016. Well we have to wait about this since the car is still under development. The price itself is estimated will not far from the current s2000 price which is about 40 thousand euro or about 42 thousand US dollars.

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