2016 Infiniti QX70 Redesigns, Engine and Price

Nissan will produce its next generation car model called 2016 Infiniti QX70 after the success of the previous model. This car will come back with many enhancements which are equally specialized and visual. With numbers of improvements, 2016 Infiniti QX70 is expected to bring suprise in the car industry. There are not many information released by the company, but there have been some general news spread about this car. This car will come out with a total new look and design but still with the style that can be recognized. It  will maintain the aggressive looks with its great performances to keep it competitive againts other car models. One thing that is sure about this car will appear with lighter model by using lightweight materials such as aluminium, metal, carbon fibers, and some more. It will also affect to its speed on the road which is faster than the previous model. It also influances the consumption of fuel and the engine itself.

2016 Infiniti QX70 Concept

The company is also said to redesign the 2016 Infiniti QX70 cabin way as well. The details are not clearly informed yet, but the improvements will cover about comfort aspect and the upgreaded features. Overall, the exterior design will be made luxurious and sporty all at once. If we look inside this car, it may a bit smaller. But, the designer surely apply high and futuristic tecnologies in it. Moreover, some supporting equippments are also available to fulfill your needs such as audio system, USB ports, connection for bluetooth etc. It is hoped to give maximal comfort for the drivers inside the car. Apart from those things, safety is one factor that is really considered. This car will be completed with system of anti-lock braking, air bag system, forward collision and rear view camera. There is nothing more important than the safety itself.

2016 Infiniti QX70 Photo

2016 Infiniti QX70 Engine

2016 Infiniti QX70 engine is assumed to come out with the same engine as the previous model. The car will go with a 3.7 L V6  engine wich support its high performances. It also still with its automatic gearbox. The car are able to run up to 60 mph in only 5.8 seconds, eventough the maximum speed is 155 mph.

2016 Infiniti QX70 Release Date and Price

Be patient for the coming of its car.  It may available in the half year of 2016 or even earlier. Still, there is no exact information about this as well as its price too. But, by looking at the price of the last model, it is predicted that the price range between $45,000 up to $47,000.

2016 Infiniti QX70 Rear Photos

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