2016 Kia Soul AWD Redesign and Engine Specification

2016 Kia Soul AWD – Kia Motor Corporation will give so many refreshments in the New Year for the customer about their new product, 2016 Kia Soul AWD. This car has many improvements from the oldest version. The clear modification you can be seen by looking the hood because there is a extra engine on the hood. This car also equipped by AWD technology which is stands for All Wheel Drive, all wheels on the car will give the power so can make the car’s acceleration smoother and better. 2016 Kia Soul AWD will be anticipated become the best car in their class because of the improvement, although there is no big changes in the interior and exterior, but the customer still keep their eyes on this product.

2016 Kia Soul AWD green color

The Exterior and Interior Redesign of 2016 Kia Soul AWD

There is no big changes on the exterior and interior of this car because of the appearance of the oldest type is already caught the customer’s attention. On the car’s exterior, the company gives you LED headlight which is has a focus high beam to help you to drive in a place that has a lack of light in the night. 2016 Kia Soul AWD also uses 16 inch wheels and a new system called Vehicle Stability System that can help you stay stable when driving this car rater you are in high speed acceleration or fast breaking. The panoramic roof also become the exterior advantages for this car. Same as 2016 Kia Optima, this car will implemented Tiger Nosed Grilled to make a better aerodynamics for this car. The interior also will be made by the best material to make all passengers feel comfort when using this car. Especially for the seethes the seat is making by recycled object such as plastic, foam, and fabric to implicate the other purpose of this car has become an eco-friendly car.

2016 Kia Soul AWD Engine Specification, Date Release, and Price

The Power plant of 2016 Kia Soul AWD is really a big surprise for the customer because this car is using electrical charged unit rather than using gasoline. The Kia Motor Corporation is planted Lithium battery which is have 27.000 kilowatt hour of power that can produces 109 horsepower and 210 lb-ft torque. It so remarkable for car which is using battery as an engine. This battery of the car can operate the car almost for 120 miles with fully charged. This car will invades all continents in the world in early 2016. So, prepare yourself start from now if you want to try 2016 Kia Soul AWD. The price also is not too expensive for ecofriendly car which is achieving around $30.000.

2016 Kia Soul AWD Image Gallery & Color Options

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