2016 Mitsubishi EVO XI: Mitsubishi New Sport Car

The 2016 Mitsubishi EVO XI is the new premium sport car from Mitsubishi that will bring the concept of sports one steps further. The style will be futuristic but with new and strong engines that will give this car a great performance in the road. The new Mitsubishi EVO 2016 will have changes in the cabin and in the outside too. So let’s check this Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 2016 redesign.

2016 Mitsubishi EVO Redesign

If we are talking about this 2016 Mitsubishi EVO redesign, then we will be talking about the changes given to this premium sport car inside the cabin and outside as well. This car will have new system and also new patterns. What changes will be given to the interior and exterior of this car by Mitsubishi? Well let’s check out one by one.

2016 mitsubishi evo xi Redesign


Inside the cabin you will see some changes such as supervise touch screen, Bluetooth, surveillance cameras, USB, Smartphone connection, 4 speaker to complete the super sound system, and the new safety features to ensure the safety of the drivers.


While for the outside of this car you will see some changes such as LED front lights, metal hood, new tail lights, satin and chrome grille , 16 inches alloy tires, and aluminum materials for the body that make the car lighter in weight. There are some changes that I cannot put in here since there is no further information about the changes but we will see clearly when this new Lancer hit the market.

2016 Mitsubishi EVO Specs

This car will be using a new platform and ditch the Renault’s platform. Unser the hood this car will be using a combination of 2.0 liter engine with four cylinder and compact dual electric motors that will produce 500 horse power. This car also will be using a lithium ion battery to gives the power to this car. The combination engines in this car will give more efficient use of fuel. It will be awesome to drive this car. The engine will be paired with the eight speed automatic transmission gear box.

2016 mitsubishi evo xi Red colors

2016 Mitsubishi EVO Release Date

The 2016 Mitsubishi EVO XI will be released in the end of 2015 or at the beginning of 2016 and the estimated price will range from $ 40.000-$50.000 depend on the exchange rate and the features that go with this premium sport car.

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