2016 Toyota Camry: Price and Release Date

2016 Toyota Camry: Price and Release Date

2016 Toyota Camry – When you are asked to mention some cars manufacturers, you will not miss Toyota as one of hem. This is  Japan car manufacturer that has been running for 75 years. It is started when Toyoda, the founder of Toyota,  initially established the company. Through years, Toyota becomes greater and powerful in the car world car market. It produces more and more cars each year, and in every year there are more than 3 new models are released. One of outstanding products from Toyota is Camry series. It has been manufactured since many years ago with new innovation each year.

In 2016, Toyota still produces Camry. 2016 Toyota Camry has been improved compaed to the Toyota Camry 2015. Camry lovers should pay attention to what Toyota has done the the new 2016 Toyota Camry. Then, how much money should be spent o have this new Camry? Will it be higher or still the same? Lets take a look to the review below.


Although Camry has been renewed and redesigned, the basic style of the original one is still retained. As one of the best-seller car from Toyota, of course, the Toyota will always do the best for Camry. Therefore, it launches 2016 Toyota Camry with an expectation that the sedan will be remain the popular family all over the world. This year, Camry comes in SE, SE, LE, XSE, and XLE. Each type has different feature. Camry SE, the sporty one, uses four-cylinder only. The taillights is made smoked. Meanwhile, Toyota outfittes the LE and XLE in more concervative bodywork. The aim is to keep the car look as lovable as the base one.

2016 Toyota Camry’s capacity is still for five passengers. In LE type, you can find modern features such as 16-inch wheels of steel, heated mirror, automatic headlight, AC, rearview camera and keyless entry. It also provides great entertainment feature so that the passengers feel really convenient in the car. On the other hand, 2016 Toyota Camry SE comes in 17 inch wheels of alloy. It also completed with sport-turn of suspension and interior in trim elements. The steering wheel is also well furnished. On LE and SE there is a 7-inch touchscreen, HD radio, and satellite radio.

Performance of 2016 Toyota Camry

Toyota camry has many fans and it is a proof that the engine used inside this lovable car cannot be doubtful. Front-wheel drive is applied in all types. The engine produces 170 pound-feet torque and 178 hp. The power comes from 2.5-liter with four-cylinder machine. For special offer, there are also different engine.

The Release Date and Pricing

This car is released in the end of 2015 and has been shown in some dealers. The price of 2016 Toyota Camry is around $24,675.

Image Gallery of 2016 Toyota Camry

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