2017-2018 Bentley Continental GT 600 Horsepower, New Design, Price and Release Date

2017-2018 Bentley Continental GT Front Images

2017-2018 Bentley Continental GT 600 Horsepower, New Design, Price and Release Date – What are you waiting for for the new Bentley car? Yes, this new car from Bentley come with the new series Bentley Continental GT. This new continental GT series will be launched for the 2017-2018 series. As well as you can could imagine, this car will come with the new engine, interior, exterior and another conveniences. More than that, this car will also comes with the new updated multimedia system inside the cabin. Here we will share more about this new classic fancy car.

2017-2018 Bentley Continental GT Interior Multimedia Images

2017-2018 Bentley Continental Redesign Body

Bentley is one of the Profesional manufacturers that creates the best car in every series. Bentley usually produce the classic style with an elegant touch. Bentley don’t want to change this identity. In this new 2017-2018 series, Bentley still give the classic style but with more modern touch. From the look, we will see that this new Continental GT will have the lower front and rear than the previous and current car. This new car also will come with shorter overhangs and shorter wheelbase. For your information, the new Continental will use the new platform that called MSB that developed by Bentley and Porche. Then, for all weight, this new Continental will Have lighter body than before and current series. It will use the high strength steels and aluminum. It has the combination material structure. The weight will be reducted under 2375 kg. This absolutely can increase the speed and power for this new car. That’s only about the exterior, then for the interior, this car will have new high quality leather upholstery material that will make you comfort inside the cabin. It also will be combined with the all new technology and features. You can enjoy the music sound inside the cabin with the speaker sets and music player while you are enjoying your long driving.

2017-2018 Bentley Continental Engine Performance

When we move to the engine, we will know that this new Bentley will have the best engine as well as it use the newest technology. It use the W12 engine that  an produce in about 600 horsepower. It provides some engine options such as the 4.0 L Engine petrol V8 and Petrol V6 in plug-in hybrid that can produce in about 410 horsepower. With those engine options and engine power, absolutely this car will be able to hit the city road and highway.

2017-2018 Bentley Continental Release Date and Price

The official release date and price for this new 2017-2017 Bentley Continental GT has not yet announced, but you may will be able to get this car at around in the late of 2017 or in the early 2018. The price has not yet released yet, but you may should be sure that the price is still worth it compare to the all new engine and specifications. More than that, you will know that this car will be the best ride for you who love both stylist, classic and modern touch at the same time. You may also be comfortable with the all new feature inside this car for sure. You may also like Chevrolet Corvette.

2017-2018 Bentley Continental Image Gallery

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