2017-2018 BMW X3 Engine, New Chasing, Release Date and Price Around $38,000

2017-2018 BMW X3 New Model White Color Images

2017-2018 BMW X3 Engine, New Chasing, Release Date and Price Around $38,000 – Something new about BMW car is coming. bringing the new BMW X3 series, this car will attract many consumers by the new features, engine, and design. The new design for this new 2017-2018 BMW X3 series will boost the power and the over all performances. This X3 series will also comes with a luxurious design for the cabin. Here we will talk more about the Review, Changes and Release Date.

2017-2018 BMW X3 New Model

The new 2017-2018 BMW X3 will be predicted to come with some engine options. For the base model, this car will available in a 2.0 liter turbocharged with four banger that can produce in about 240 horsepower. Then, for another option, it will provide a 3.0 liter engine that can produce in about 300 horsepower that equipped with four cylinder diesel. With all of those engine option, this car will be good for many terrains both city and highway.

2017-2018 BMW X3 Interior

Talking about the changes of the new 2017-2018 BMW X3, we will talk about the new exterior and interior redesign. Basically, it has almost the same design with the precedes, but with some new touch. For the exterior, this car will have the new lens for the headlights instead that it has the similar headlights unit. It also provides the running light LED, the round fog lights. Moreover about the exterior redesign it will have the new corner vents which is shorter but still has the same shape. This car also make some improvement for the body side which is sharper than the previous model. Something special about this car is that there will be a mirrore effect for the body line in the bottom of the door. It has the bigger cladding door, and standard dual spoke wheels. Then, for the rear, it will have no much improvement from the current model. Of course, to give the best experienced, this new X3 also comes with the moonroof. Then, for the interior, it may will have the different steering wheel. It will come with the longer bottom spoke for the steering wheel. It has silver button, a silver insert for bottom spoke. You can find the different design for the shifter handle which is now become more refined and available with a chrome overlay on one side. Another changes is that it also has the gray trim insert for the control knob to the shifter side. You can still find the control panel above the cup holder which can control the HVAC and multimedia system. Then, you will find two center vents under the the multimedia screen. For the cabin, it will use the best material for the seating. it use leather seating and completed with folding rear seat. This new car also provides hip and legroom that is increased a bit.

2017-2018 Bmw X3 Price Interior Dashboard Redesign

2017-2018 BMW X3 Price

The official price of this new 2017-2018 BMW X3 has not yet announced, but this car will may come with price started from $38,950 for the base model. Then, for the next trim level, it will have $40,950. In case you want to try the next diesel level, you need to spend in about $42,450. Then, for the high-end trim that use the 3.0 liter will cost $46,800. It will be launched in about the last year of 2016 or in the early 2018. Then, if you like this post, you may also like the review for 2017-2018 BMW M5.

2017-2018 BMW X3 Photo Gallery

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