2017 CRV Picture

2017 CRV Picture

2017 CRV Picture – As rumor going around, you might like to know the 2017 CRV picture. Honda’s CEO in UK made a statement that the new CRV will have an upscale. The body will be larger than the current vehicle.

Honda plans to reach the larger market and the higher segment of buyers. There’s a report that the CRV experienced a lower selling volume in some part of regions, most notably in Australia. As one of Honda’s pillar products, the company won’t surely leave this displeasing condition as is it. Something must be taken to boost the CRV selling.

2017 CRV Exterior

As we’ve noted above, the new CRV will be designed to be larger. The larger size will be able to seat seven passengers in three-row seat. To meet this expectation, the new CRV needs to get a longer and stronger chassis. The Honda’s CEO also hinted that the next CRV will have a distinctive look to make it more recognizable. At this moment, people can misinterpret the CRV as HRV and vice versa. With this in mind, the CRV will receive a new fascia.

From the side view, needless to say that the new CRV will have a longer body. The rear glasshouse will become bigger and higher to make an ample room for the third row seat. The wheels, fender and side skirt are possible to have a new touch.

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The rear part will surely follow the front example. New taillights and new bumper will have a design that are harmonious with the front side. The exhaust pipe will maybe have a new shape too.

2017 CRV Interior

As the size grows bigger, the cabin will become more sizable than before. The three-row seating is expected to give maximum comfort and convenience to all passengers. The dashboard will be more stylish and the center console will become more functional. Premium materials will build up the upholstery. There will be some newest features addition. The safety, security and infotainment features will determine the value of a car.

2017 CRV Specs

Honda has not given any detail about the next CRV engine. Some car enthusiasts say that the car will use a four-cylinder engine with 1.8 liter displacement. The engine will be up-scaled to be more powerful. A CVT transmission will be a good match. All-wheel drive system will likely be available for the new car. As a car that’s said to target Land Rover Disco Sport or Volvo XC60 in competition, the new CRV needs to have an upgraded versatility.

2017 CRV Release Date and Price

With the new design and possibly re-engineering, the upcoming CRV will surely cost higher. Up to this time, Honda has not informed both of the price and release date.

New 2017 CRV Picture Gallery

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