2017 Ford GT Redesign

2017 ford gt specThe new generation of 2017 ford GT will soon available in the market to meet its fans. There are so many questions and rumors about the new 2017 Ford GT. Those rumors increase the fans’ curiosity about its new features and specs.

2017 ford gt redesign

Some preview on the new looks of the Ford GT 2017 has been exhibited on the latest auto show in Detroit. The new-coming of the Ford car has become a major sensation during the show. The new 2017 Ford GT has redesigned some of its features. The car redesign can be seen in its construction which will be made from a more promising material such as fiber and aluminum. The car design is still inspired by the former GT car which was made for speed. However, some new improvement and adjustment was made to the former car design to match the taste of modern people.  The improved element will be the front lamps, engine, and the rear. The new 2017 Ford GT will have aerodynamic design that make the cars look more sophisticated, fast, and sleek.

2017 ford gt spec

The new GT 2017 comes with an interesting specification. The cars will be equipped with twin turbo engine. This engine is commonly called as V6. This engine is classified as an Eco-boost engine. The availability of this engine in the Ford GT 2017 will make the car be able to run in more than six hundred hp. The car will also be equipped with automatic transmission which will support the engine power. It also will be equipped with ceramic brake and twenty inches wheels.

2017 ford gt release date

For all the fans of Ford racing car series, there is no other questions that more worth asking other that the time when they can finally see the vehicle. Ever since its first debut in an auto show in 2015, the fans have been wondering when this car will be launched. It is highly rumored that the new 2017 Ford GT will enter the market in the end of 2016. This rumored has been highly believed by all its fans. It is also stated that the cars production has been started in 2015. With the nearing release schedule, the fans should increase their alertness on any information related with the car.

2017 ford gt estimated price

For all the fans who want to own the Ford GT 2017, the specific details on the car price is highly needed. It is estimated that the car will be sold starting from two hundred US dollars. The price is matched with the car specs and new design.

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