2017 Honda Civic Types And Development

2017 Honda Civic redesign2017 Honda Civic will enter the market and greet its fanatic lover with its new design and some new features. The brand Honda is known to be one of the most famous automobile makers made by Asian manufacturing company. The company itself has released many types of automobile which have gained much popularity around the globe. Honda civic is only one of them. It made its first appearance on European and American market in 1972. Ever since that year, the company has made huge development on the model following the trends and the latest technology invention in automobile. Soon, new progress for the 2017 Honda civic will also be introduced to show how much this car has developed.

2017 Honda Civic Si

The new Honda Civic 2017 will also enter the market with more than one types of car. One of it is called the Honda Civic Si. The Honda civic Si model will be made to match the taste of the asian market. Some rumors claimed that the new Honda Civic 20017 for the Si variant has tested its features based on the Thailand and Malaysian market preference. The new concept for the newly released 2017 Honda civic will includes some changes in the design of the body as well as its engine. The style for the outer design will be made much more moderate but still stunning as it always be. But no matter what the rumors said, there is still no hint coming from the carmaker regarding the final outlook of this model.

2017 Honda Civic Type R

Anther variant of this Honda released car is the new Honda Civic 2017 type R. For the Honda lover, it is not a secret anymore that this type is made to match the taste of the European market. This model has not been spotted on the market since 2015 since the carmaker has released a statement that the Type R will not be produced anymore. However, instead of having another car type which has similar concept with it (e.g. the CR-V and the CR-Z), people would rather seeing the new Honda Civic 2017 type R on the market.

2017 Honda Civic Coupe

The 2017 Honda civic coupe is one of the Civic’s variant which ensured to be released soon and still under development process. The 2017 Honda civic coupe is rumored to make its comeback with a new more powerful turbocharged engine with four cylinders. This engine will give more than 300 horsepower for the car to speed up. Some car experts even predicted that the new coupe features will be made higher than in the CR-Z type. A fastback model will be used on its roofline and it will have a more classic design.

2017 Honda Civic Hatchback

It is difficult to get even a single hint of the 2017 Honda civic hatchback. The reason behind it is that there is actually news claiming that the carmaker company will not produce the hatchback type any longer. However, the rumors about the releasing of release the 2017 Honda civic hatchback are still going viral.

2017 Honda Civic Hybrid

The upcoming released for the 2017 Honda civic will also introduce the new 2017 Honda Civic Hybrid version. As the company determines to develop an eco-friendly vehicle, the development for a hybrid car has been started since then. Therefore, it is not surprise if Honda then starts to manufacture the Hybrid version for 2017 Honda civic that possess both the power and the eco-friendly factor.

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