2017 Honda Cr-V Pictures and Specs

2017 Honda Cr-V

2017 Honda Cr-V Pictures – Since its debut in 1995, Honda always makes the Cr-V a better vehicle. The newest model, 2017 Honda Cr-V is reported to have a seven passenger seat. This will be a significant development for the Cr-V because the previous model years have only five passenger seat.

The name Cr-V stands for some different but still related meaning. Cr-V can be the short of “Civic Recreational Vehicle” or “Compact Recreational Vehicle.” A Honda insider calls it a “Comfortable Runabout Vehicle.” Whatever the naming is, it can be understood that the Cr-V is a SUV that will give its passengers a comfortable ride. This car will be suitable to take a family to the countryside. Honda’s plan to add a row seating will give a stronger impression to the Cr-V badging.

2017 Honda Cr-V Specs

Honda still keeps the details of the next Cr-V specs in secrecy. We can only hear the speculation floating around. It’s predicted that the 2017 Cr-V will have an inline 4-cylinder, 1.6 liter DTEC engine. This diesel engine will be able to produce 120 hp and 221 pounds feet of torque. The 4-cylinder engine will also offer petrol displacement. Another prediction is the use of a turbocharged petrol engine. The next Cr-V will come with a 4WD setup as standard.

2017 Honda Cr-V Exterior and Interior Design

The new Cr-V will receive a new exterior design. We can make sure that the new design will make the Cr-V look more stunning and futuristic. This will make sense due to the company’s ambition to bring the Cr-V to the upper market. With a seven seating design, Honda intends to differentiate it from HR-V model, another Honda’s SUV. The new Cr-V will involve in a new competition against Land Rover Discovery Sport and Volvo XC60.

A prototype of the new Cr-V has been spotted on testing in the U.S. It shows a bigger vehicle with a longer wheelbase. The fascia is still mysterious since it’s heavily dressed in black camouflage.

The interior will surely be more spacious. Giving comfort to all seven passengers is will be a recipe for success. As it targets an upper market, premium upholstery will dwell in the cabin. The infotainment system will be more complete, while the safety and security systems will likely be more reliable. With a larger body and new design, the upcoming Cr-V will carry a higher price tag. No announcement about the release date has been made.

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2017 Honda Cr-V Picture Gallery

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