2017 Mercedes E Class Pricing and Specs

2017 Mercedes E Class

2017 Mercedes E Class Pricing – Are you researching 2017 Mercedes E Class pricing to prepare a proportional budget to get one? Are you worried that this car will be overpriced, as told by some people for the previous model year?

Just stay here. We have a special coverage for you dealing with this car. However, before jumping to the price, we’d like to give some information in more detail, including interior and exterior plus engine specification.

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2017 Mercedes E Class Exterior Design

The company has revealed the tester several times, and on the recent testing, the car is almost undressed. Indeed, some parts remain hidden but the fact that this car is a redesign is clear.

On the front, we will see a new two horizontal stats grille replaces the old grille. The slats are bigger in size and Mercedes logo will likely put in the middle. The headlamps look similar but one source mentions that they will have a new DRL. We suspect that the fog lamps has been modified.

From the side, this car rides on a new multi-spoke alloy wheels. On the rear part, the taillights will use LED. The exact exterior style is still protected. The changes make this sedan looks bolder and more powerful.

2017 Mercedes E Class Interior Styling

In contrast with the partially concealed exterior, Mercedes-Benz has released official image of the new E Class interior. The seating will have a high quality materials, perhaps better than before.

We’ll see that the steering wheel has a new style. The dashboard bears a new style; the center console has various buttons arranged in two rows. Overall, the new interior styling enables the spacious cabin looks more refined.

2017 Mercedes E Class Specs

The German automaker made a decision to cut out its V6 engine and replace it with inline six-cylinder. Thus, most certainly the new E Class will use 3.0-L displacement inline 6 engine to puts out power closer to 400 ponies. This straight engine will reduce development cost up to 35 percent. Mercedes also manages to bring hybrid engine under E Class hood.

2017 Mercedes E Class Pricing

Considering the redesign and engineering, this new sedan will have a price “jump”. If the highest trim of the previous model year costs $54k, the entry type of the upcoming E Class will be tagged around $52,000.

Still from Germany, you have other options to choose, i.e. Audi 6 and BMW 5 Series.

2017 Mercedes E Class Release Date

The signs indicating the immediate release of 2017 Mercedes E Class are getting stronger. We expect next January the new E Class will have its debut at the Detroit auto show.

Photo Gallery of New 2017 Mercedes E Class

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