2018 Ford Mustang V6 Review and Information

2018 Ford Mustang V6 new concept change; jalopnik.com photo

2018 Ford Mustang V6 Review and Information – if you are a Ford fan, especially the Mustang lover, you maybe know about the changes and information about this new car. One of the surprising things about this car is that the V6 engine that was not used anymore. Below are the further changes in this new Mustang V6 from Ford.

2018 Ford Mustang V6 Horsepower

We will start from something that is really interesting. Yes, it is about the engine. The old V6 will be replaced with the Ecoboost engine. Furthermore, the Ecoboost engine that is used in this 2018 Ford Mustang V6 is the Ecoboost 2.3 liters l4 engine. This engine can make an extra torque in this new car.

2018 Ford Mustang V6 Exterior Changes

The front end style in this new Mustang V6 comes with better style than its predecessor. Meanwhile, the headlights come with drastic shape for the changes. A focal point that we can notice in this 2018 Ford Mustang V6 Exterior is the 18 inches eagle’s head headlights that look more deeply. To make it more interesting, Ford gives three new colors for this new Mustang V6. Those colors are the Royal Crimson, Orange Fury and the Kona Blue. New stripe will be also added to make the look of this car is more handsome than before. The wheel itself will get a new design and the gill will have the pronounced C-Shape.

2018 Ford Mustang V6 Interior Design

2018 Ford Mustang V6 new interior concept

What’s new inside this car? Basically, everything is going better in this 2018 Ford Mustang V6 interior. What we mean here is that it seems all accessories are in the right places. The example is that the door rollover in which you can rest your arm. That accessory is not so high and it gets the soft padding as well. This is also done for the center console and new knee bolster that is located on the side of the side console. You will also fall in love with the engine start button because it feels great and spun aluminum.

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The most interesting thing in this 2018 Ford Mustang V6 cabin is maybe the optional 12 inches fully digital gauge cluster. This display has various display models that you can choose based on your own liking. Besides that, we are also pretty sure that this car will only use the best materials for the seats to gain the comfort of the drivers and also passengers. Please don’t forget about the safety features as well that will come with many high tech features that make this car is ready to compete with the other cars in the same lineup.

2018 Ford Mustang V6 Price and Release Date

2018 Ford Mustang V6 exterior changes; cjponyparts.com photo

How about the price? Based on some information that we got, the 2018 Ford Mustang V6 price will be started with the price of $26,485. Then, when will it be launched? Unfortunately, there is not any clear information and confirmation from Ford about it, but some people believe that this car will be released this year.

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