2019 Lexus GS Specs, Exterior, Interior, Release Date, and Price

Lexus is one of the best luxurious cars from Japan. One of the best from Lexus is Lexus GS type; the appearance of Lexus GS is very astonishing. The luxury nuance and contemporary design of the car make you feel in the higher class of society. It is very prestige to have such the car. Moreover, there is a rumor who says the 2019 Lexus GS concept has been leaked. The possibility of the car’s existence will make you disregard into the other sedan cars. You will surely be amazed at this car starting from the performance and the design of the car. let’s prove it by reading it further.

New 2019 Lexus GS blue color car image

New 2019 Lexus GS blue color car image, Source: ytmig.com

2019 Lexus GS Specs

By the time you know the engine that is used by this Lexus GS you will be impressed. This Lexus GS has a chance to collaborate the speed with the twin turbo V6 engine. Can you imagine what a perfect car it is? You can fulfill your desire in driving in the hyper speed from this car, you can count on it. The turbo that will be used is 2.0-liter turbo with the code name is (8AR – FTS). The turbo forces the car to produce the 270 lb feet of torque. You have to know that it is just from the first turbo, there is still an amazing level rate that is produced by the second turbo which forces the car to produce 325 level rate of torque with the 400 BHP.

New 2019 Lexus GS silver car photo

New 2019 Lexus GS silver car photo, Source: youwheel,com

2019 Lexus GS Exterior

Lexus GS has its own strong characteristic and style, therefore we assure and believe that there wouldn’t be any significant changes from the exterior design looks of the car. The front grille of the Lexus GS may have been improved a little bit to be more futuristic. The front and the rear bumper will have enhancements properly by the Lexus Automobile. The headlight will be replaced with the premium LED headlight to increase the beauty looks of the car from the front side and it would be the same as the rear light. You can still also find the adorable shape designed from the exterior transform.

New 2019 Lexus GS black color car image

New 2019 Lexus GS black color car image, Source: carbuzz.info

2019 Lexus GS Interior

We have been discussed in particular spots of the exterior design of the Lexus GS, but here we are now to discuss further the interior design which has nothing special about it. The rumor says that there wouldn’t be any significant transform from the interior parts because they are more concerning to the performance of the car. We expect to the new features and systems that apply much of functional buttons such as a red press button for the engine start, the climate control, and the other features like the more premium leather for the front and rear seats of the car. You may want to see the beautiful interior design of 2019 Ford Explorer.

New 2019 Lexus GS light brown interior design photo

New 2019 Lexus GS light brown interior design photo, Source: thetortquereport.com

2019 Lexus GS Release Date and Price

In the last part here, we are focusing to talk about the pricing and the releasing date of this new adorable Lexus GS in 2019. The possibility of the releasing date for this car probably will release in the middle of 2018 or in the summer 2018. We still have no reliable sources for it, but one thing that can be very sure is the pricing about this Lexus GS. If you are very impressed with this car, you may have a desire in owning this car. if you do, you would better your budget to be around $45.000 to $53.000. Don’t mind the price because it is very worth to spend to have the Lexus GS.

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