Audi S6 2016: Release Date and Price

Audi S6 2016 review

Audi S6 2016 – Audi car manufacturer retains the tradition of producing high quality car and auto advanced technology. Some new products that are going to release in 2016. They are new and redesign. New Audi S6 will be one among them. Audi S6 2016 stays in the Audi’s main line up since it has good performance. The manufacturer give changes to this car in which people can enjoy elegant and high-tech driving. So what’s new from Audi S6 2016? If you one of its followers, you should read the review and find the picture of the new series. Then, you can decide to buy this worth-to-buy car.


Altough some changes are given to Audi S6 2016, it does not change the base style of the car. It is still elegant, modern, and of course, fast. The chages makes the car more aggressive. The materials used in the new model are current, high-tech, made for serene, convenient, and the cabin looks elegant. The other changes are the updated visual and equipment.

Exterior and Interior

The exterior part becomes one that is redesigned in Audi S6 2016. The style of headlight is changed. there will be a niw bumper as well. The grille style becomes more more aggressive look. For the tail lights, the style totally changes. you will really see a all-new of Audi S6 2016.

Let’s see the changes inside the car. There are many changes and addition you can find in Audi S6 2016. The changes make the luxurious sedan retain its luxury and elegance. Starting from the house of heading-up display. It is now sleeker. The buttons are totally looks impressive. And the seat control has aluminium look. All materials are absolutely high-grade. Comfort for the passengers is also the significant redesign. Passengers can get convenient seat in any position. And there are more spacious leg and head room.

Audi S6 2016 also provides many feature for ease and high-tech driving experience. The MMI system in the car is upgraded. It features a great processor that is nearly equal as 90’s supercomputer. For the enjoyable driving and riding, Audi S6 2016 is also completed with modern entertainment features.

Engine of Audi S6 2016

What machine empowering Audi S6 2016 must be the powerful one. As the engine transformation in Audi A6, you will find a sporty and serious performance. This car is upgraded to be 4.0-lt twin-turbocharged V8. It can produces 450 horsepower and 406 lb-feet of torque. For more detail information about the engine you read more review.

Release Date and Price

Unforunately, the information about when it is released is not clear yet. Like the release date, the pricing information is also unknown yet.

Image Gallery of Audi S6 2016

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