BMW X5 2016 Release Date and Specs

BMW X5 2016

BMW X5 2016 Release Date – When your favorite vehicle is a luxury car that’s tuned into sport mode and functionality, chances are you’ll love the 2016 BMW X5. This car enters the world market with an exclusiveness that may lead other vehicles in its class. Some websites give it good rating, which is 4 out of 5 stars in average. Are you waiting for the time when you can bring it home?

BMW X5 2016 Release Date and Pricing

The 2016 BMW X5 should be available early this year. You can check the nearby dealers for confirmation and get the best pricing. Talking about price, the 2016 X5 will charge you $53,900 for the base SUV trim. The top trim will cost above $70,000. Does the pricing worth paying? Let’s get into the details of this 2016 X5.

BMW X5 2016 Exterior

The luxury can be sensed just by simply looking at the car at a glance. The design is so daring with the twin kidney shaped grille flanked by curvy horizontal headlights. The fog lamps are rounded and the inlets below the grille have rectangular shape. The sculpted hood sends another fanciful sign. The rear part bears L-letter shape taillights. Double squared exhaust tips protrude below, except for the X5 M that has four rounded exhaust tips. The 20 inches five-spoke wheels bring the strength to the surface. The roof has a space to add a roof rail. This is by all means a handsomely powerful car.

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BMW X5 2016 Interior

The X5 can have up to seven passenger seats. Its cabin can be considered spacious. The drawback is the rear seat will only be suitable for kids to rest comfortably. With a minus comes many plus. The upholstery is so refined with its high quality materials. The cockpit is equipped with an ergonomic steering wheel and gearstick. The center console settles above the dashboard. The rear seats have dual infotainment screen. The X5 M model gets the sportiest design. There are various driver assistant and safety features installed. Lane change warning, BMW night vision and LED fog lights are available.

BMW X5 2016 Specs

The X5 powertrain has some options. The twin turbo, 3.0-L inline V6 engine generates 300 horsepower.  The hybrid engine will have a 2.0 L displacement, twin turbo 4-cylinder and lithium electric motor. This engine will produce 308 horsepower. The most powerful engine is the twin turbocharged V8 engine with 4.4 liter displacement. It gives the X5 445 horsepower. The engines are mated with an 8-speed automatic transmission. Front wheel drive setup comes standard, while the xdrive aka AWD will be available with higher price.

Photos of New BMW X5 2016

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