BMW X7 Release Date

BMW X7 Concept

BMW X7 Release Date – Since its introduction in 2014, the BMW X7 release date has become one thing that many people search. Still having a correlation with the 7 Series, the new X7 will be a superbly luxurious SUV with full-size body. People want to know how the car will look like and when it can be purchased. So, we’ll make a coverage on this vehicle based on some reliable sources.

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BMW X7 Specs

The engine specification is not fixed yet. There will be some powertrains under the hood. We’ll likely find the twin turbocharged V6, V8 engine with petrol or diesel displacement and a V12 engine as the top range. The RWD and xdrive aka AWD setups will be offered.

BMW X7 Exterior

The upcoming X7 is reported to derive the style of BMW Vision Future Luxury concept debuted at Shanghai motor show last year. The crossover will have the largest grille among all currently exist BMW cars. The headlights will stretch from the side to the end of the outer grille. The fog lamps and the air inlet will be squared in style that enhance the car’s muscular tone. The rear side will probably have a wagon-like shape. The X7 will use large wheels ranging from 19 to 22 inch of size. The construction ingredients will consist of carbon reinforced plastic, aluminum, magnesium and high-strength steel.

BMW X7 Interior Design

The interior will definitely have a top-notch upholstery. The X7 will most probably have a three-row seating to hold seven passengers. There’s also a possibility if the cabin will only have two-row seating. This seating will mirror that of Volvo XC90 sold in China. There will be various functions to make you comfortable inside. The entertainment sector will have premium sound system, large touchscreen display and a plethora of features. The safety and security sectors will likely use the latest BMW technology like hand gesture recognition, remote-controlled parking system, etc.

BMW X7 Release Date

The new BMW X7 will be released in the late of next year or early 2018. There will still plenty of time for BMW to develop and fixing its luxury crossover.

BMW X7 Pricing

The X7 will target other high end SUVs in the competition. The Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes GL, Land Rover Range Rover, Infiniti QX80 and some others will be the X7 closest rivals. With 45,000 units produced annually, the price prediction starts around $135,000.

New BMW X7 Image Gallery

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