Costco Tires Hours, Related Service and Facilities

Costco Hours
Excellent service we served very flexible. With the existing schedule, we always provide good facilities and our customers will never disappoint. We are ready to serve you, when you visit our store. It has been informed that we have a schedule that has been agreed by our internal party which is between the leadership of the store and shop workers. The working hours have been agreed, that the hours to come to work and from work are applicable from Monday to Friday are 10:00 until 20:30 local wakt. While on Saturday and Sunday, we open more dealers that morning at 09:00 until 16:00 local time.

Costco Tires and Related Services
The services we provide is the best that we provide to our customers. From orders of goods, services good tires for off-road setting up regular streets, orders via telephone until the return of goods to consumers. We are constantly receiving complaints from customers well, and as much as possible we always correct. Services we provide at our dealership variety, as a common standard in our store are usually problems related to tire, tire balancing with the computer, the contents of nitrogen and sales of their various famous tire. It is usually the main consumers we serve. There are also the latest in our dealerships, namely the sale and maintenance of car batteries. In the same keempatan, consumers usually after a tire or a tire service balance, our consumers always check the car battery. And almost all of our customers do the same. Therefore, a business opportunity here we open the service for the sale and maintenance of new and used batteries.

Costco Tires Hours

Costco Tires Warranty
In order to satisfy our customers, all purchases made at our dealership customers both pemelian new item or have been used, we give our customers a guarantee on the purchase of goods. The guarantee assortment, we always say and give to our customers is a guarantee of returning the goods if the goods are damaged or defective and collateral in the form of a grace period. Usually we give a grace period of one week for all purchases of products at our dealership.

Costco Tires Facilities
We always maintain good relations with all our customers. Therefore, we always give the best we had. Among the best we got was a lounge area with a very complete facilities. We expect with this facility our customers are pampered so they will come back to our dealership. Moreover, we also provide facilities such as vending machines in the lounge area which has been provided by our dealers. We gave it solely to the entire satisfaction of our customers. We are satisfied and proud when you return to our dealers with feelings of pleasure and we are ready to serve you as well.

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