How Much Are New Tires At Walmart

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How Much Are New Tires At Walmart – Walmart provides more than just tires. Beside you will get a million best quality tires and oil , you will be also provided by the best auto service. The service is completely good and nice for your vehicle. The service will add the lifetime of your vehicle. So, while you are choosing for the best tire for your car, you will also get the best auto service. More than that, Walmart can give the free shipping for may order. Here we will share more about the charge to install tires and another services.

Walmart Tires Products

There are many kinds of tire that you will probably like. You can choose the best suitable tire for your car. You can choose many kinds of tires with a different type and size. There will be another size in every type which you can choose. Here are some kinds of tires;

Goodyear Viva 3 for all seasons Tire series 215/60R16 95T cost $77.00
General Grabber series AT2 for light truck and SUV series Tire 255/70R16 cost $105.20.
Good year Viva 3 For all season Tire series 225/60 R 16 98T will cost $79.00.
Douglas for all season Tire series 225 / 60 R 16 98 T it cost $59.00.
Douglas Performance for tire 205 / 60 R16 92H SL will cost $55.00.
Goodyear Wrangler the Authority series tire 31X10. 50 R15 LT cost $142.00
Hankook DynaPro ATm Tire series of P265 / 75 R16 cost $123.20
Douglas for all season tire type 215/60 R16 95 H SL cost $58.00

That are the examples of tires that available on Walmart Auto Center. Just on Walmart, you will get the free shipping. For more price, you can visit
Walmart House of Operation

You may also know the house of Operation at Walmart, so you can actually go there at the right time.
For weekday as the regular hours Walmart opens at 8 AM until 5 PM.
For weekend you can shop from 7 Am until 11 PM. You can also call the customer services first.
For Holliday such as Christmas, New Years, and also Easter, Walmart closed at 8 PM.

Walmart Phone Number

Here Walmart also provides space for all of customers to give feed back Customer Feedback. You can access the phone number or website here.

Phone number : 1 800 WALMART (925-6278)
or the website address From the web, you can actually order your needs and The Walmart team will send it to your address. In case there is a special day, Walmart can also give the special discount and free shipping for buyers.

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