How Much Does It Cost To Balance And Rotate Tires

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How Much Does It Cost To Balance And Rotate Tires – Taking car ┬ácar is really important and we need to do this. Taking care our car is including the right tune up, the lube and also controlling the tire. Tire, it may sounds simple but tire is one of the most important part of the car. If there’s something happend to the tire, it’s done. So, we need to do regular and routine check up for the tire. One of the best places you can visit for tire service is walmart. Here to see many kinds of tire services that they provides and the price of it.

Basic Tire Installation Package

For the first option is about the Basic Installation. For basic tire installation it includes the tire mounting, valve stem, and they also provide for lifetime balance, including tire rotation every 7500 miles. For this kinds of basic tire installation cost around $12 per tire.

Tire Rotation and Lifetime balance

In another way you want to do some certain services, you can actually get the tire rotation and lifetime balance for $9. At this cost, you’ve already got the tire rotation and balance every 7500 miles as well.

Tire Rotation

You may will get another cheaper cost, whenever you just do a simple service for tire such as the Tire rotation only. You can actually get the price around $2.50 per tire. Walmart doesn’t force the customer to do all the services. If you think you just need to do it, here you can get at the lower price.

Tire Mounting

Tire mounting is also an important service to be done as well. In Walmart, you actually get this kinds of services by at the price of $10 per tire. It’s a best choices for you who want to always have your car in a good condition as well.

Walmart also provides many kinds of tire product and also many car components that your car need. Walmart is one stop shop for your best car. You can get the information about the car services and the car product by calling the wallmart customer services at +1 800 925 6278.

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