Images of 2017 Honda CRV

2017 Honda CRV Pictures

Images of 2017 Honda CRV – Gossip is rampant about the upcoming 2017 Honda CRV. The source of the rumor can be Honda official itself. A Honda high profile said a new CRV will come to the market with an upgraded level. The Japanese carmaker is preparing the CRV for 2017 model year with a seven passenger seat. Honda boasts to introduce a premium CRV to the market and position it in the rivalry with other versatile SUVs, say Volvo XC60 and Discovery Sport from UK based automaker, Land Rover.

There are some images on the internet that are attributable to the new CRV generation. It’s still unclear whether these pictures are reliable or not. We think that even this kind of pictures will be able to give us some insight. So, this time we’d like to look at the pictures in a more specific way. Just stay here and enjoy.

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Images of 2017 Honda CRV: Exterior

Image of 2017 Honda CRV

One thing for sure if Honda plans to add the passenger seat capacity is enlarging the body size. This will require a new chassis which is longer in size. From the above tester image we see four pillars with a large rear glass hour. For a seven-passenger seat SUV, this can be acceptable. There is no update on the side skirt, while the wheels will have a new accent.

2017 Honda CRV Blue

From the front, we see the CRV with a new fascia. A new grille is attached and flanked with new rectangular headlights. The air inlets below the grille has chain-like shape. Another change is the newly designed fog lamps.

2017 Honda CRV Rear

The rear part bears new tail lamps. Rather than horizontal, the new taillights are arranged in such a way to give a vertical shape. The rear bumper and the exhaust tip will have a new look too.

Images of 2017 Honda CRV: Interior

2017 Honda CRV Interior Design

The new interior must be designed to have a sizable room. The upholstery will be made using higher quality materials than the previous. The infotainment sector should have the newest hi-tech features to boost the comfort and convenience. The safety and security features must be upgraded too. Those things are necessary to meet the premium car requirement. From the past experience, we can trust Honda will be able to do it well.

2017 Honda CRV Engine, Release Date and Price

It’s wildly supposed that the new CRV will use a 1.8 liter with 4-cylinder engine derived from Honda Pilot. The release date and the price are too early to discuss here. The company has not given any clue.

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