Lexus New Edition: Review of ES 2016

Lexus 2016 – Lexus  is a car manufacturer under the company of Toyota. Lexus becomes one of the cars manufacturers which should be taken into account. More people trust their vehicle to this brand. Nowadays, bringing the concept of luxury,  Lexus launched its new series namely Lexus ES 2016. It will make the competition in the automobile world becomes more competitive. And this new model from Lexus has been shown in Shanghai Auto Show in 2015. Any way, what has Lexus done to the new series of ES?


Lexus ES 2016 is a sedan car. There are some changes given to the new series. A touching change is given in the engine, technology, and design. Here are some features of Lexus ES 2016. This car has an amazing speaker. The passangers or drivers will feel like they are immersed to the music. Besides, the features for entertainment are really complete such as music, TV, and movie. This Lexus series also has a safety system to avoid accident. This is the major addition of the previous series.

Although there are many significant differences in the exterior design, the interior looks nearly rthe same as before. The changes are given to the streering wheel and the material used around the console. The other feature of the car is the existance of monitor of blind spot which is completed with rear alert of cross traffic. It makes Lexus remain the brand of Luxurious and comfortable sedan.

Another additional features are touch remote controlller,  larger TFT screen, and the cluster instrument is renewed. Lexus ES 2016 has several trim colors option including matte-finish bamboo, Piano black, and dark mocca.


Is there any change in this Lexus new series? Lets check what is inside this new luxurious car. The machine capacity is 2.0 litre with 4 cylinder. The car itself uses direct injection technology. There will be difference between the machine used in Taiwan, Russia, and China in which the car has fulfilled the standard of fuel emision. While in other auto market, such as America, Lexus ES 2016 will remain to use the last machine; V6 with 3.5 capacity. There will also another type of machine in the global market; hybrid technology with the capacity of 2.5 litre.

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Release Date and Price

The Lexus ES 2016 has been launched on Monday the twentieth of April 2015. Lexus Es 2016 base price is  $38,625.

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