New BMW 5 2016 Redesign

BMW 5 2016 imagesNew BMW 5 2016 Redesign – The BMW continues to strike more attention and innovation with the introduction of their new BMW 5 2016 series. The BMW new series has been under development and also has been spotted to have its own test drive for couple of times. Those test are quite good indicators for the upcoming release date of the cars. The BMW 5 2016 series will come with some new-developed features which are worth waiting. The features including its engine and power as well as the technology that comes with it are some of the mostly anticipated features of this BMW series.

BMW 5 2016 Redesign and Technology Upgrade

The BMW has released its BMW 5 series and it has been under a serious development program since 2014. It means that the design which was launched on that year has become the mostly referred design for the engineer to make development. The BMW 5 2016 series are promised to bring a more fresh and new look to the old version of the series.

2016 BMW 5

The new BMW 5 2016 will come out with a lighter design compare the former series. It also seems like the BMW has made decisions to make some improvements on their technology such as the automatic parking system, lane changing system, and car detecting system. The car dashboard is also a thing which is claimed to be upgraded. The car will also equip with an LCD that will help the driver to function some technology inside the car. Apart from those elements, it seems like the BMW maker will still hold its old styles.

MBW 5 2016 Release date and Price

Even though the coming of the BMW 5 2016 has been long awaited by its fans, they seem to need to wait for some time. Since the car needs more finishing touches to add some more perfection to it, the fans need to hold their will for a little longer. It is widely rumored that the car will make its appearance on the market around in the middle of 2016, approximately at June or July. The cars’ price then will be around $55.000 or up.

New BMW 5 2016 Color

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