New Mitsubishi, 2015 Lancer Evolution Redesigns

Before the arrival of 2015 lancer evolution for the first time, this car has been discussed among its fans. In addition, it can be proven that the sales would also be highly in demand when it comes. The production of this new model is very unfortunately to be miss, so make sure you get right information about this car before it comes to you.

2015 Lancer Evolution Redesign

2015 Lancer Evolution Redesign

Mitsubishi will launch a lancer evo 2015 with new model that is more powerful and exclusive in its performance. However there is a bit uneasy news which said that this new car output will be limited among 2,000 to 2,500 units only. So if you want to have one of these units, make sure that you get one of them. In addition, Mitsubishi will create a very exclusive design for the United States launch because it is probably that this year will be the last year of this car’s presence there. However, do not need to worry about it because Mitsubishi will still work hard, even though we do not know what the plans for the future.

2015 Lancer Evolution Specs

2015 lancer evolution is changes for the significant increase of its power into 450kw (603 hp) when it is compared to its predecessor that is 400kw (536 bhp). This car comes with new lighter material of tube-frame chassis. Through its  lightness of the material it can produce lighter pull as well, and this is something that most of the drivers like.

2015 Lancer Evolution Interior

The interior design of 2015 lancer evolution thoroughly beautiful, bold, practical and riveting. This car is a vehicle that smart use of its cabin dimension. In addition, the steering is direct throughout the lineup. Moreover, this car also has the additional driver’s knee airbag and stability control system. This car has two different models and they have the advantages of each in dsain interior.

Mitsubishi 2015 Lancer Evolution Interior

2015 Lancer Evolution Exterior

This car is experiencing some changes which are not really significant when it is viewed from the exterior design compared to its predecessor. There is little changes in the side mirrorrs which is integrated by new cup holder. In addition, the 2015 lancer evolution also issued with 2 different trim those are GSR and MR.

2015 Lancer Evolution Release Date

As what has been said before, 2015 mitsubishi lancer evolution will only be launched in the United States with a model that is very exclusive. For its production it would have begun in July of this year, and the new appearance will be next year.

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