New Redesign of BMW X1 2016

BMW X1 2016 RedesignNew Redesign of BMW X1 2016 – The fans of BMW are on the line to see the 2016 BMW X1 that will be on the market soon.  As one of the most favorite car maker company, BMW seems to know very well the way to make its fans longing for more. The X1 series is one bullet of the company that has lots of loyal fans. The X1 series of BMW is a car that has the SUV specs. The present version of the X1 is built in the rear wheel mode. This mode is believed to be changed in the upcoming version of the X1 series.

The BMW X1 2016 Engine Specs

The new series of BMW X1 will have some developments on the engine specification. The X1 engine will be equipped with the double power turbo compressor. It can produce the energy up to 230 horse power. The 2016 BMW X1 will also be operated if all-wheel mode.

2016 BMW X1 Specs

New Redesign of BMW X1 2016

The upcoming release of BMW X1 2016 series will show the redesign of the car. The 2016 BMW X1 has some of its part developed and renewed. The new X1 will be coming in some brand new interior and exterior design. The car will surprisingly be made in a smaller size compare to the former edition. It will be made to be able to load up to 7 passengers including the driver. The grill is also redesigned as well as its head-lights. The car will also have a longer front.

New BMW X1 2016

The new design of 2016 X1 will also be built in new material. It will make the car be a lot lighter that the previous edition. This will add some more plus point to the car. The new material will make the new X1 be more efficient on the road.

BMW X1 2016 Price and Date of Release

The newly designed 2016 BMW X1 is expected to be on the market on early 2016. It means that there are still lots of time for the engineer to make some adjustments for the car and also make it perfect. The car will be sold over $51.000.

BMW X1 2016 interior

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