New Toyota RAV4 2016 Feature Date of Release, and Price

Toyota RAV4 2016 Image photosToyota RAV4 2016  – Are you expecting newest car series from one of great Japan car manufactures? Many cars lover stay tune to pay much attention to Japan’s car industry. Japan is a sophisticated country which always improves its technology, including automobile. One of car manufactures from Japan is Toyota. In the up coming year, 2016, this factory has prepared a new model of its car. This is one of CUV (crossover Utility Vehicle) produced by this Japan factory. The new series from Toyota is named New CUV Toyota RAV4 2016. Last year, this new car series of Toyota has ever been showed in an international automobile show. And the manufacturer considers it a complete car.

Let us check what is new from this series since it has ever been released before. Does it as what the manufacturer claim?

Toyota RAV4 2016 Features

The exterior design of the new CUV looks stronger because it is completed with new model of grille and bumper. The new design of those to parts are so elegant and luxurious. It what makes the new one different from the previous. However, the use of lamp type is just still the same. The back lamp of RAV4 2016 uses the regular lamps which have been equipped with LED rear lamps. In the other side, there is still a similarity in the model of the lamp with the previous RAV4.

The interior design of this car is also been improved compared to the previous series. The materials used to cover the interior parts such as dashboard and steering wheel. There is also a bigger mug sitter which is possibly to put a big mug. It proves that Toyota really commit to create luxurious and convenient vehicles.
Toyota RAV4 2016 is also completed with parking sensor, camera for parking, and technology of collision prevention.

Toyota RAV4 2016 Engine

The 2016 RAV4 of Toyota uses 4 Atkinson cylinder. This new car is completed with hybrid technology with the capacity of 2.5 litre. Those machines are mixed with electrical motor as well to move the wheels. Certainly, the engine from Toyota must not be doubted.

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New Toyota RAV4 2016 Date of Release and Price

Although this new car has ever been showed, this car is expected to be released in the early of 2016. The price has not been released yet, but it is estimated between $3,000-$5,000. Prepare your money from your now on if want to have this complete car because the year will soon change.

Gallery Image of New Toyota RAV4 2016

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