Nissan Skyline 2016: Release Date and Price

Nissan Skyline 2016 Model

Nissan Skyline 2016 – Of the Nissan new series, Skyline is redesigned and launched. The 2016 Nissan Skyline is categorized as luxurious modern vehicle which specially designed for people who love luxury and technology. This cars also answer the challenge to be the durable car. It can be your options if you want to buy car. So, you should read the review before you decide to buy the car.

What’s New?

It is expected that Nissan Skyline 2016 use improved engine capacity to make the performance better than 2015 Nissan Skyline (Read: 2017 Mazda RX7 Concept).

Exterior and Interior of Nissan Skyline 2016

The exterior of Nissan Skyline 2016 will be an amazing one. It looks so futuristic and elegant. No doubt that Nissan has been through a great time of experiment to design the car. When you see this car, you should be so charmed with the model. Nissan Skyline 2016 is two-door car which is suitable for 2 passengers. So, if you want to choose a car for your whole family, surely you should take it for granted. However, if you want a personalized car, Nissan Skyline 2016 would be right choice. There are some body colors offered in this series, such as black metallic and grey. The style of the wheels adds more beauty to this car.

What’s about the interior? Interior is an essential part of a car in which the driver and passengers feel the experience of driving and riding. In the car, you will find many helpful and easy features for both driver and passenger. The dashboard is well furnished. There is also a screen on the right side of the steering-wheel. There are also features for entertainment in the car such as powerful sound system, Bluetooth connectivity, and smartphone-friendly feature. Look at the picture on the image gallery to see the interior of Nissan Skyline 2016.


2016 Nissan Skyline does not only have wonderful appearance but also a powerful performance. From the picture of the car, we can conclude that the car should have strong power. Now, let’s take a look what’s inside the car. Using its 4.5-lt of V8 engine, the car produces 450 horsepower. For those who love speed, Nissan Skyline would be the choice. In its class, Nissan Skyline is the most fuel economy.

Release Date and Price

Nissan Skyline 2016 will be available in April 2016. Then, how much does the fast, luxurious and elegant car cost? New Skyline is offered between $101,650 – $181,400. The price can be different depending on the specific features.

Image Gallery of Nissan Skyline 2016

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