The Best Way To Repair Rust On A Car With A Simple Way

The Best Way To Repair Rust On A Car With A Simple WayRust may become a problem if it happens in your car. It can damage your body car material and more over, it can also affect your car performance. So, then here and now we will share to you about how to repair rust on a car by some simple ways that you can do it by yourself.

In this case, we will help you to repair the rust on a car by applying the paint protection. We do it in case to reduce the damage that can happens. So, applying the paint protection may become one of the best way.

Rust Car Repairs

  • First step to do is to protect some area of your car. Give space only for the area that you want to paint with a protector paint. You can protect your car by using the poly sheeting.
  • The second step is about removing the rust. We can do it by using the sandpaper as well. You can actually sand the rust and remove the particel poutside the masked area (The are that is protected before). After that, you can paint the area.
  • Next step, you can protect the repaired area by spraying the filler primer in the heavier coats in case to cover the repairs area. It’s better for you to blend in the surrounding painted area.
  • Another thing to do is applying the new colored base coat. You can start from the bottom of the repair area from left top right rows. Make sure that you do it in the slow and smooth motion. do it for about 10 until 15 minutes.
  • The last step is about spraying the clear coat. This is the last step that we will do in case we want to have the long lasting and better result. The clear coat may protect the paint and the paired areas.

By doing that simple step, it can cover the rust on the car and also protect your car. You can actually do the step by do it youself way or you can bring your car to the professionals. In case you want to spend a little budget, you can do it by yourself and buy some tools and equipment in the available store in your area.

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