Volvo V90 2016: Release Date and Price

Volvo 2016 Released Date

Volvo V90 2016 – Volvo, the large car manufacturer from Sweden,  will introduces its new cars model in 2016. Volvo V90 2016 is one of the great innovation from Volvo. The Volvo official said that there will be significant changes to the series of V90 and S90. After conducting research development to build the car a step beyond, the interior and styling are the primary changes given to the previous model. However, the detail information about feature, specs, engine, and release date and price are still in a mist. The Volvo official seems to conceal any information yet (READ: 2016 Audi Q8: Redesign, Release Date and Price) as there is no clear statement from Volvo officially.

Redesign and Feature

The model of Volvo V90 2016 has been shown to public through pictures and models. The replica was made by China manufacturer who did the order form a show holder. However, this was not launched by the Volvo Official. This new Volvo seems to have the same powertrains as XC90. In the UK market, it focuses on 394bhp, with T8 “Twin Engine”.

Since Volvo V90 2016 will be released next year, about the early o the year, the detail feature of this series can not be explained. If the model said the real model, so it an be expected that one of the changes given is on the roof. Volvo V90 2016 will have roof rail and double sunroof which is off-road-focused. Meanwhile, what can be imagine for the interior is likely to be the copy of S90 or nearly the same.


The machine of Volvo V90 2016 is expected to use Volvo’s SPA platform (READ: 2016 Honda s2000 Redesign, Release Date and Price) which is also the same choice as XC90 use. The machine includes engine using  D4 and D5 diesel. Many speculation about the machine have appeared since Volvo V90 2016 stiil in secret. In 2016 Volvo are goin to launch some car series which use the SPA platform. This is what Volvo has invested in.

Release Date and Price

When Volvo V90 2016 will be released? The Public expected this new series shown in a motor show in Geneva in March 2016. While in United Kingdom, the car will be on sale by the end of 2016. Volvo has not released to public how much Volvo V90 2016 cost. However, it is estimated to be around $60,000. Just wait and see more information from Volvo Official if you want to know the exact price.

Image Gallery of Volvo V90 2016

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