When Will 2015 Sonata Be Launched?

2015 Sonata is sexy car with red color applied in it. This car is also available with white color. Upon introducing this new Sonata car, many people feel amazed looking its design. Even though this car ha slim appearance, you must not hesitate to select this type of car as it is available with amazing performance in it. When you use 2015 Hyundai Sonata, you will know what it means to have stylish car. You can try to select right now 2015 Sonata.

2015 Sonata

2015 Sonata

2015 Sonata Review

The car manufacture of Hyundai released new version of their car namely 2015 Sonata. This car is rumored to become fascinating car with many competitors in 2015. This car will be featured with 199 horsepower available in it. It is using V6 engine with 2.0 Liter and eco boost feature in it. Due to that reason, do not surprise if you find this top quality car 2015 can make you ride in street faster and easier.

2015 Sonata Redesign

The redesign of this car 2015 Sonata is clearly can be found through its specs and performance. It has more technologies in its interior part, such as Navigation System and more balance texture in its outer part. The previous version unfortunately does not have this feature.  With better performance available in this car, you will realize that it can make you feel elegant when using it.

2015 Sonata Interior

The interior design of 2015 Sonata is available with many good features such as LCD Display so that you can configure the system of this car easily. Then, you can also feel the presence of spacious area in inner part of this car. It will make you feel comfortable when riding it. It is also available with USB Port, Surround Speaker, and many more in it.

2015 sonata interior

2015 sonata interior

2015 Sonata Color Options

You can choose this car 2015 Sonata with many options of color available in it, such as red color, white color, and silver color. You can select the one that has passionate color through red one. The calm one can be found through white color. The elegant one can be found through silver color.

2015 Sonata Price

2015 Sonata is priced with 18,000 Dollars only. If you already have enough budgets, it is good idea for you to buy this car from now on and get all of its features available in it. If you do not have enough budgets just yet, feel free to select this type of car while collecting your budget.

When Will 2015 Sonata Be Launched?

This car 2015 Sonata will be launched in summer 2015. Hopefully, this car will be yours when the summer comes so that you can get this fantastic car to be used anytime and anywhere.

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